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We are your Rockville, Gaithersburg neighborhood pharmacy, and we look forward to knowing you. If you are running low on your medication and need a refill, simply submit the form below and we’ll get started right away.

Tips for easy refills:

You can ask us to place your regular “maintenance meds” on auto fill. Our system will prompt us to refill your medicine before you run out.

Download our mobile app for iPhone and Android. You can request your refills direct from your phone

Ask us to prompt you with an automated text message when your prescriptions are ready for pickup!

"The only pharmacy I trust and love." | Customer Reviews, Shady Grove Pharmacy

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Customers Reviews

“Still the best pharmacy in the area. I moved down to Silver Spring and still kept coming here. Best service, willing to work with me when I need it, and always friendly. They even recognize me when I cal. I should also say…I have complicated medical needs. They have really helped me navigate some of the craziness of my health insurance company as well.”
Robin M.

“The only pharmacy I trust and love."

- Tim D.

“Can’t say enough good things about Shady Grove Pharmacy. Professional, personal, and understanding services. Much, much better service than box and grocery store pharmacies. On several occasions the pharmacist has gone out of her way to track down hard to find medication for us. Support local, independent, excellent businesses like SGP.”
-Chizlum M.